Best Gaming Keyboards for Small Hands in 2023

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Best Gaming Keyboards for Small Hands in 2023

Updated September 12, 2023

All fun and games until you realize that the gaming keyboard you purchased is too large for your hands. Perhaps you’re on the hunt to ensure you’re exploring the best keyboards designed for smaller hands. That’s precisely why we’ve curated the perfect list of the best gaming keyboards tailored for those with smaller hands. While there might not be dedicated gaming keyboards exclusively designed for smaller hands, the keyboards featured in this list will undoubtedly provide a better fit compared to most gaming keyboards available in the market.

Discovering the ideal gaming keyboard is crucial, as it directly impacts your typing, gaming, and overall comfort experience.


Best Gaming Keyboards for Small Hands in 2023

Razer Huntsman mini %60 - Best gaming keyboards for small hands

Razer Huntsman Mini

ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless Gaming Keyboard

ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini

Razer Huntsman Mini

Razer Huntsman Mini %60


Switches: Optical

RGB: Razer Chroma Per-Key RGB

Weight: 1.1 lbs

Dimensions: ‎4.07 x 11.56 x 1.45 inches

The Razer Huntsman Mini 60% keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboards for individuals with smaller hands.

This gaming keyboard boasts an ultra-compact design with just switches and nothing else because that’s all you need.  This layout enhances speed and minimizes strain during intense gaming sessions ensuring you have the best and comfortable gaming experience.

The optical switches feature faster, lighter, and smoother actuation than mechanical keyboards.

This Razeer Huntsman Mini only weighs 1.1 lbs so feel free to take it on the go. 

With Razer’s Chroma Per-Key RGB you’ll be able to change the color of any key you want.

So in conclusion, the Razer Huntsman Mini is the perfect gaming keyboard for small hands.

ASUS ROG Falchion

ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Switches: Mechanical

RGB: Aurora Sync Per-Key RGB

Weight: 2.4 lbs

Dimensions: ‎‎3.98 x 12 x 1.5 inches

The ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless 65% is another great gaming keyboard for small hands that looks like the Razer Huntsman Mini, but the Falchion offers more features. This gaming keyboard can be used up to 450 hours wirelessly on a full charge. Don’t want to use it wirelessly? No problem! Just plug in the wire and use it with the wire without worrying to load it up again.

On the side of this gaming keyboard is an interactive panel that lets you adjust the volume and create shortcuts for your apps or copying and pasting.

With the Per-Key RGB function customize the colors the way you like. The ROG PBT keycaps provide a unique and premium feel as well as long-lasting durability.

This gaming keyboard is great for people with small hands but is a bit expensive but that price gets compensated by the unique features.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini


Switches: Mechanical

RGB: PrismSync Per-Key Illumination

Weight: 2.07 lbs

Dimensions: ‎‎‎4 x 11.5 x 1.6 inches

You can never go wrong with the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini 60% mechanical gaming keyboard if you have small hands.

SteelSeries claims it to be the world’s faster gaming keyboard with 20x faster actuation and 11x faster response thanks to the magnetic sensors. The OmniPoint 2.0 switches allow both adjustable and dual actuation.  Whether you prefer the feather-light touch of 0.1MM or a firm press at 4.0MM, the choice is yours.

Enjoy the Per-Key RGB and change every single keycap to your preferred color.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini is a very durable gaming keyboard with PBT keycaps and an aircraft-grade steel plate inside ensuring you won’t break it while raging.


What are mechanical switches? 

Mechanical switches are individual key mechanisms that provide tactile feedback and distinct actuation points. They offer a more satisfying typing experience and are favored by many gamers for their responsiveness.

What’s key rollover and anti-ghosting? 

Key rollover refers to the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously and still registered accurately. Anti-ghosting prevents unintended keypresses when multiple keys are pressed at once. Both are important for gaming.

What’s the difference between full-sized, TKL, and compact keyboards? 

Full-sized keyboards have all standard keys, including a numeric keypad. TKL (tenkeyless) keyboards omit the numeric keypad for a more compact design. Compact keyboards (60% or 75%) further reduce the key layout, ideal for portability.

Do wireless gaming keyboards have input lag? 

Wireless technology has improved significantly, and many wireless gaming keyboards have minimal input lag. However, wired keyboards generally offer lower latency for competitive gaming.

Can I use a gaming keyboard for typing and productivity?

Absolutely! Gaming keyboards can also be used for typing and productivity tasks. Their tactile switches and customizable features can enhance your overall computing experience.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Keyboard

Switch Type:

The type of switches used in a keyboard greatly affects the typing and gaming experience. Mechanical switches come in various flavors, such as tactile, clicky, and linear. Each switch type offers different tactile feedback and actuation force. It’s important to choose a switch type that aligns with your preferences and gaming style.

Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting:

Look for keyboards with high key rollover (NKRO) and anti-ghosting capabilities. These features ensure that multiple key presses are accurately registered, preventing missed or mixed-up commands during intense gaming sessions.

Size and Layout:

Gaming keyboards come in different sizes, including full-sized, tenkeyless (TKL), and compact (60% or 75%). The size you choose depends on your preference and available desk space. Compact layouts omit certain keys, while full-sized keyboards include the entire set of keys, including a numeric keypad.

Backlighting and Customization:

RGB backlighting allows you to customize the keyboard’s lighting according to your preferences. Look for keyboards that offer software or onboard controls to customize lighting effects, colors, and patterns.

Build Quality and Durability:

A gaming keyboard should be built to withstand the rigors of intense gaming. Keyboards with high-quality materials and solid construction tend to last longer and offer a better typing experience.

Macro and Programmable Keys:

Some gaming keyboards offer dedicated macro keys or customizable key programming. These features can be extremely useful for assigning complex commands or actions to a single key press.

Software and Customization:

Consider the availability and quality of the manufacturer’s software. Good software can provide advanced customization options, including creating macros, adjusting lighting, and configuring key functions.

Wireless vs. Wired:

Decide whether you prefer a wired or wireless connection. Wired keyboards usually offer lower latency, while wireless options provide more flexibility in terms of mobility.


Gaming keyboards come in a wide range of prices. Determine your budget and prioritize features that are most important to you.

Brand Reputation:

Established brands often offer better build quality, customer support, and warranty options. Do some research to find out about the reputation of the brand you’re considering.

Final Thoughts on The Best Ethernet Cables For Gaming

The list we provided contained our personal favorite gaming keyboards which are perfect for people with small hands, choose the one with the features you’re looking for.

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